BEAUTY REVIEW: Dark and Lovely Lotion

6 May

BEAUTY REVIEW: Dark and Lovely Body Lotion I just started this Blog, and not only will it focus on Music and Entertainment, but I think Beauty is important as well. Who doesn’t want to look beautiful and smell good?!?!? So together with the AFROMUSION site, I will also review Beauty Products since we all know that AFRICA is a HUGE continent and there are MILLIONS of AFRICANS around the world who buy products just like the rest of the world. Well, why should you wonder about a product when I can take all the guessing work out for you.

Today, for my first ever Beauty Product review, I will be discussing SOFTSHEEN-CARSON’s Dark and Lovely Body Lotion. If you are an African like me, when you hear “Dark and Lovely”, you think perm, hair perms, beautiful black woman on a box. At least that’s what I always think. Needless to say, you can imagine my surprise and confusion when I was in Kumasi , Ghana, at the Continental Store near the KNUST campus, and came across this lotion. That’s right, SOFT SHEEN CARSON has a product referred to as the “Dark and Lovely Body Lotion – Even Radiance”, and the bottle I got is in the Unifying Lemon scent. When I saw this bottle of lotion, I was quite amused and curious, so I bought it.

As soon as I got home, I poured some lotion into my hands. ‘Dark and Lovely makes lotion? Since when??’, I asked myself. As I smoothed the lotion against my dark and lovely skin, my senses were overwhelmed by the fragrance of the Unifying Lemon scent. I have never in my life seen Dark and Lovely lotion- ever. I definitely have NEVER seen it in the U.S of A. But you know what? This lotion is absolutely amazing!! If I had known this lotion would be so amazing, I would have bought the whole shelf while I was in Kumasi, Ghana. I will not be going back to Ghana anytime soon, so I must conserve my Dark and Lovely lotion. However, if anyone is in Kumasi, Ghana, make sure you try to get some – better yet, can you send me some?. Ladies- this lotion is amazing. Gentlemen—this would make a great gift for your lady. All in all, I love the Dark and Lovely Body Even Radiance lotion, and I highly recommend it to any and every one.


2 Responses to “BEAUTY REVIEW: Dark and Lovely Lotion”

  1. priscilla September 18, 2011 at 5:11 am #

    hi i was also surprised when i went to pick&pay stores in zambia and found dark&lovely lotion, i decided to buy one and i loved the results it is the only lotion i have use without adding glycelin and my skin does not go dry in a few minutes
    It lovely am now out the even rediance with unifying lemon. after using th even rediance with unifying lemon what was the result.

    • afromusion October 2, 2011 at 12:53 am #

      this dark and lovely lotion is amazing! the lemon one is jus tas good. they dont sell this stuff in america.. all the good stuff is always sold in Africa. DARK AND LOVELY LOTION– Africa’s best kept secret!!

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