GHANA, WHAT’S ON AMY’S MIND? Ghana Fashion Train

10 May

While I was in Ghana visiting family, there were two events I attended which have not really been mentioned anywhere on the internet, so I want to use today’s “GHANA , WHAT’S ON AMY’S MIND?” space to talk about the Ghana Fashion Train show.

On March 26, 2011, I was invited to the Ghana Fashion Train show, held at the Trade Fair, Pavillion A , in Accra Ghana. This was my first time attending a fashion show in Ghana so I was quite curious to see what awaited me and quite honored to have been invited. Although I got to the fashion show late, based on the starting time, I was actually quite early because it unsurprisingly did not start on time. When the Ghana Fashion Train got “moving”, I was happy to hop on-board. The stage and set up of the Ghana Fashion Train show was quite lovely. I do not know who made the stage designs, but the person who did it is quite talented. The stage was set up to look like a train and the models came out of the “train” to show off their designs per designer. The room was packed with guests and model scouts and different media houses , including the one and only Talk of Ghana’s Nana Boakye (who I mistakenly met while looking for an outlet to charge my mobile cell phone). Ghana is a beautiful country where you see beautiful people each and every day, but it was nice to see “professional” models up on stage representing African fashion—everything from shoes to traditional wear. The models, both female and male, did their best to focus on the cameras, but every now and then, they would lose their concentration and start laughing. Hey, they are human beings—not robots. The Ghana Fashion Train included several intermissions. Some of the designers present at Ghana Fashion Train were Mimi (from Big Brother Africa) with her Divalish line (She also performed at the show), along with other designers. There is never a dull moment in Ghana, and the Ghana Fashion Train was no exception. The models for the Ghana Fashion Train show were provided by Exotic Models and Exopa, and some of the crowd favorites like Lord and Zion definitely did not disappoint.. Keep up the good work Ghana.


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