10 May


While I was in Ghana visiting family, there were two events I attended which have not really been mentioned anywhere on the internet, so I want to use today’s “GHANA , WHAT’S ON AMY’S MIND? space to talk about the Obour Citizen Appreciation Dinner.

On March 19,2011 , the world reknown artist, Obour, held a fine elaborate appreciation dinner at the one and only Citizen Kofi in Osu, Ghana. The event was a fine celebration, recognizing all the media outlets and media representatives who have believed in Obour during the past 10 years. The dinner was a celebratory event, not only for thanking the media, but for celebrating Obour’s Decade of Music and future endeavors. With such hits as Konkontibaa, President Obour, Shine Ur Eyes, and collaborations like Juliana, Obour has no intentions of slowing down. Time waits for no man, and Obour is currently working on a new album entitled “Back to Obour”. The recognition dinner was interlaced with speeches from prominent business figures, radio presenters, and live performances from Obour. Obour used his live performance as a driving mechanism, performing well known songs from the past to take the audience on a journey through the music of Obour. By the time the “drive” was over, no one was sitting down-everyone was up and dancing as if they were at a night club. The appreciation dinner was a fine event because at the end of the day, it was about everyone appreciating everyone. The after party, which took place at the same place, Citizen Kofi, was a fine gathering as well. Obour gave more live performances and the co-star of his “I am Single” video, Leoni, gave a live performance of her song ” Enter My Heart”. Obour never disappoints and I can not wait to hear the future hits off of the “Back to Obour” album.


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