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Ghana Soccer Teammates in New York – June 2011

19 Jun

i am spending some time in new york and guess who i bumped into? Asamoah GYam, John Paintsil, and John Mensah.They are here being honored at the Sports Awards night and while at the award night I covered the event- which JUST ENDED.. It truly started a fw minutes after midnight on Sunday June 19.2011.But the event was a BLAST.hope you enjoy the pix.Happy Afromusion was there to capture it–thats what Afromusion is about–capturing the news that YOU can not catch and bringing it to you.



1 Jun

Traveling to Accra, Ghana from the U.S is not as complicated as it used to be in the past.In the mid eighties, there were few options: British Airways,Swiss Air, Ghana Airways, and KLM.Back then Ghana Airways was the ONLY airlines that flew to Ghana directly. Fast forward 20+ years,and now Ghana Airways and Swiss Air do not exist/have filed bankruptcy, British Airways still does not fly to Ghana directly from the U.S, and now there are 2 new competitors: UNITED and DELTA AIRWAYS.

Delta started flying directly to Ghana from JFK airport (New York)during the winter of 2006.Many Ghanaians have flown to Ghana using Delta. Delta gets to Ghana during the morning, making it an attractive route.However, the chaos one has to experience at JFK makes choosing Delta somewhat unattractive. I personally have had luggage temporarily lost at JFK, while waiting for my connection back to Dulles. When the plane lands in JFK, on your way back from Ghana, there is LITTLE transit time, so you find yourself running like a madman, even when you go through security and see your luggage sitting on the floor behind the check in counter at JFK. Your luggage goes through tranist way slower than you.

UNITED started flying to Ghana in the spring of 2010. Its a new,busy flight for UNITED .Due to the fact that you can catch a DIRECT flight from D.C to Ghana. you no longer have to fly to New York to catch a flight, as was necessary with DELTA.Unlike DELTA, UNITED has a tv screen on the back of every seat. Unlike DELTA, you dont have to worry about your luggage being mishandled. However, I have taken Delta to Ghana 2x and never had my luggage damaged whereas I took UNITED once to GHana and was met with a zipperless bag.What is better–getting your luggage a few days late or getting a piece of luggage which has broken zippers? You be the judge.

This article is not about which airline is better.I am sure you have been on both and you have your preferences– it all depends on the air hostess, the food, the movie/music selection, the promptness and professionalism of the staff, and the overall experience. This article was actually inspired by the latest news that a UNITED flight headed to Ghana, from Washington -Dulles International Airport (United States),this past weekend, was forced to turn around due to an on-flight argument.The Washington Post article, “Airplane annoyance leads to brouhaha in the skies over D.C” and MSNBC have reported that a passenger got slapped on the head because he would not push his seat up– the passenger behind him felt he was reclined too far and didnt have enough leg space.

The question is: is leg space a problem on UNITED? The answer is YES!!! I have been on UNITED and there is NOT enough space in the Economy Class section when the chair in front of you reclines.In fact, when my mom and I travelled to Ghana this past February, she kept pushing the seat in front of her because she did not have enough space. She is not a big woman, but the guy in front of her was like Mr. Universe, so when he reclined, he really reclined!! As for me, when i get on a plane, I do not recline because I want the person behind me to be comfortable.Yes, I pay $1,0000 for a ticket and I can not even sad. Therefore, when i heard this story about a UNITED flight , headed to Ghana, having to turn atound due to a fight, I KNEW it had to be because of a seat issue and memories of my mother annoying the guy in front of her flooded my mind.

You see, there is not enough room on airplanes, period. If you sit in Economy, like most people, your space is very very limited. On an airplane there is” seat pitch” and seat width size. The seat pitch is the measurement on one seat to the exact same point on the seat in front of it. When you look at the Economy Class section seat pitch for UNITED and DELTA, they are basically the same. United is 31-32 inches, Delta is 31-32 inches, and KLM ranges from 30-32 inches–they are all basicaly the same. Out of the main airlines which fly from the U.S to Ghana , guess who has the biggest seat pitch? You guessed it–British Airways, which has a seat pitch of 38 inches.Seat pitch is not to be confused with leg room– seat pitch is simply the measurement from a point on one seat to the same exact point on the seat directly in front of it.
When it comes to seat width, many of the carriers have similar measurements in their Economy Class section.
Delta : 17.2 inches
UNITED: 18 inches
British AIrways: 18.5 inches

In summary,the seat pitch is pretty small on Delta and United flights. The smaller a seat pitch, the less room you wil have as a passenger. It is so annoying when the seat in front of you reclines, leaving you somewhat boxed -in in your seat. But each airline has something to offer, so the next time you travel, think about the pros and cons and use that to decide which plane carrier you will choose. Many will choose price and flight time over comfort.if you do that, and you get on a plane and become annoyed by the person sitting in front of you, who decides to decline in their seat as if they are sitting in a La-z-Boy chair, don’t say I did not warn you. if this happens, just remain calm and see if you can find another seat on the plane. If not, just accept it, go to sleep, and by the time you wake up, your plane will be landing in Ghana soon. I, on the other hand, will be more than willing to accept a first class ticket to Ghana from anyone who is concerned about my leg space and overall comfort.

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