20 Sep

Today I had the honor of talking with the one and only Stay Jay!!!That’s right Stay Jay of Shashee Wowo fame. In just a few hours, Accra,Ghana will host one of the year’s hottest concerts, the Vodafone 020 Live Concert, and Stay Jay is one of the few artists who has been selected to participate in the concert, along with 5Five,D Cryme, VIP,RnM, and D’Banj. I had the chance to speak with Stay Jay and ask him about today’s upcoming Vodafone 020 Live Concert:

Amy: Where are you from and how long have you been singing?
Stay Jay: I’m from Tema and I’ve been singing for approximately 10 years.

Amy: What was your first single?
Stay Jay: Sue was my first single and Shashee Wowo was my first hit song.

Amy: Is this your first Vodafone Concert?
Stay Jay: Yes and I am quite happy.

Amy: Why did Vodafone pick you to perform tonight?
Stay Jay: I believe Vodafone has seen my good works and knows how I am able to control the crowd and please the crowd. I have performed in the Accra Conference Center several times, at the Ghana Music Awards and other events, and I always rock the crowd .God has been so wonderful to me and God being so wonderful has given me this opportunity.

Amy: What should the audience expect from you tonight?
Stay Jay: I just finished rehearsing a few hours ago.I plan on singing 4 to 5 songs with some freestyle mixed in. DJ “Turntable Abuser” will be there on stage with me while I perform some of my hit songs. I will also throw in some new songs as well.
(Note: Stay Jay did tell me exactly what songs he plans on singing tonight but I have decided not to list them. Go to the concert and you will be pleasantly surprised by his lineup!)

Amy: Which one of your songs is your biggest hit?
Stay Jay: All of my songs have done extremely well and I am extremely grateful for it. My music is inspired by life, my community, and everything around me.

Amy: After your performance at the Vodafone 020 Live Concert, what are your plans for the rest of the year?
Stay Jay: After the Vodafone 020 Live Concert, I will be travelling to the U.K and Holland. I may come to the U.S in November for another program.

Amy: If you decide to come to the U.S, I will definitely meet you!! Have a great time tonight.
Stay Jay: Thank you.


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