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13 Jan

JANUARY 12, 2012:

Alright world. I know all of you have been waiting for the official AFROMUSION list of nominees for the 2012 Ghana Music Awards. Yesterday I was ranting on Twitter about who should be nominated and today, magically, the Ghana Music Awards committee released their categories. Hmm, I don’t know whether or not that was by coincidence or preplanned. But they did not name the nominated artists yet.
Either way, upon seeing the categories, I realized that they left out SEVERAL categories, which should have been included, like: Best Original Score/Soundtrack for a Movie; Best TV/Commercial Jingle; Best Song/Album for Children; Best Choral production; Best Album package/creative cover. These are categories which should have been added—how can you forget to add these important categories—I just do not understand. You all know me, I’m not living in a closet. Why didn’t the Ghana Music Awards/Charterhouse call me and ask for my thoughts. ( I’m just saying, I would have definitely expressed my ideas.. I would have given it, don’t I always share my ideas freely with you all? Yes I do. Maybe Vodafone will call me later this year  ).Anyways, so now I am officially going to outline AFROMUSION’s list of nominees a.k.a MY nominees. Having followed Ghana music closely and having interviewed some of the biggest names in Ghana music in the year 2011, I’m pretty confident in my knowledge of Ghana Music. Print this list and see if it resembles the list of nominees when the Ghana Music Awards committee’s list is finally released. As for me, I do not have to wait for an official list to be released, I am confident in my own knowledge.


A. Best Online Promoter of Ghana Music: This should have been a category. Period. And if so the nominees could have been, kwamejoe, bigxgh, Museke, and me, afromusion. But at the end of the day, KWAME JOE would have won. If you are a Ghanaian artist and you have NEVER submitted a video to Kwame Joe, please raise your hand now. No one raised their hand. Exactly.Every singer has a video on Kwame Joe’s site because that’s the one stop shopping place for Ghanaian videos. Kwame Joe has simplified the art of looking for Ghanaian music for all of us. I have never met Kwame Joe, I don’t even know what his real name is .what I do know is that the guy deserves recognition. GHANA MUSIC AWARDS organizers should fly him out to Ghana to present a category at the award show because he has done a lot for Ghana music. Don’t take that guy for granted.

B. Best new artist: Ay, this is very very very tricky . As I look back on previous Ghana Music awards, thanks solely to the MUSEKE website (thank you MUSEKE), I realize that many people who I thought had been nominated, have NEVER been nominated. This category is overflowing with amazing new artists such as: Stay Jay (shashee wowo, sue), Yaw Siki (wope dodo), D’Black (kill Me Shy), F.O.I and Ziggy. If EFYA has never been nominated for new artist, then yes, she too belongs here. There were SOOO MANY new artists in 2011.

C. Songs and Artists who should not be forgotten
—there are some songs which were HUGE hits but I’m afraid they will be forgotten about because they were released earlier on in the year or because other songs have been released since, but PLEASE DON’T FORGET ABOUT THESE HOT SONGS WHICH DESERVE A NOMINATION:
1. Atumpan – The Thing
2. Ziggy- U Sey Weytin
3. Stay Jay – Sue (and of course,Shashe wowo)
4. Raquel and Sarkodie-Sweetio
5. Wutah Kobby/Sarkodie – Ambulance
6. Dr Cryme –Kill Me Shy
7. Iwan- Who Is BAD (my gut is telling me this song may have been released in 2010, but if this song was never nominated last year then it is a shame because this song is SO HOT!!)
Here’s the deal—with the exception of #7, if the six songs do NOT get a nomination, then something is SERIOUSLY WRONG with the system. Seriously.

Other songs we should not forget:
1. Becca: Forever and Ever and African Woman
2. Ruff n Smooth – Beautiful and Naija baby ( if it has been officially released)

The person who is going to leave the GMA with the most awards will be Sarkodie-You know why, and you know what time it is. Don’t ask me any questions. It is a fact. If I was to sit here and name every single song the guy has done in 2011, I’d be here all day.Sarkodie will leave with the most awards.And when I see Sarkodie again, I will take a picture with all the awards to remind you of my accurate predictions. Stay jay will also be a top winner,and so will Efya.i expect her to be nominated for Best collaboration with Sarkodie for “Im in Love With you”.

Most Popular Song of the Year: I think Sarkodie or Stay jay could win this category. But you know what?? So could Atumpan’s,”small girl, you don’t know the thing….”

AfroPop Song of the Year—it depends on how you define Afro Pop. But if it is what I think it is , it could be Atumpan, Stay Jay or even Dr.Crymes “ Kill Me Shy”.

Best Group of the Year
: If this was the year 2011, I would say 5Five because their MUJE BAJA song was a platinum hit. It still is. But because we are in 2012, I have to vote for someone else. Hmm, I don’t know. VIP released their “My baby” so they are a strong contender. There aren’t too many groups: 5Five, VIP, R2bees, Ikonz, 4X4, and Ruff N Smooth are the main ones. My prediction is that it may go to either VIP or 4×4 for their “waist and Power”.

Record of the Year
: Sarkodie could easily win this for any of his one million songs that he released last year.But so could Stay Jay (shashe wowo)and Dr Cryme. And so could Efya due to her high quality artistic value. Also, Obour’s “Back to Obour”-Obour..bour bour bour bour bour…, released last year ( I know because I was at the launching) must not be forgotten about.”Back to Obour” has high quality artistic value as well.

Music Video of the Year
: I must say, Ghanaian artists are finally upping their videos—thank God. I have heard that the price of making a video is ridiculously high, that is rather unfortunate. ALL the artists had very beautiful videos—all of them. One of the most creative traditional videos was Obour’s “Obour” Video. Also VIPs “ My Baby” was pleasantly pleasant. Ruff N Smooth’s “Beautiful” video was just that—beautiful and creatively pleasant. You know what? Obour’s “ I am Single” was a great video as well—I enjoyed the storytelling part of it. It was released early in the year, but don’t forget about this one. Last and all but not least- Okyeame Kwame. Okyeame Kwame’s video , “Faithful” with Bertha was quite breathtaking, in all of its black and white glory. 4×4’s video “waist and power” video was quite amazing too—it’s a feel good song, I really enjoy this video. Becca’s “African Woman” is simple but beautiful due to its simplicity and natural display of African women.

MUSIC FOR DEVELOPMENT: This is always an interesting category because so many artists do songs related to development/social causes. “This is who I am” is a unique song by COTF (Children of the Future,
) , but I’m not sure if it has been “officially” released, If so, it is a contender. There is also the Peace song,”Yen Ara Asassa Ni” featuring the All Stars. Supported by the World Bank, Ecowas, and UNDP, I think this song is a top contender.

Best Collaboration: As for this one, there are toooooooooooo many collabs.I expect Sarkodie to win this because he has done collabs with like a million people—I like his collab with Wutah Kobby (Ambulance ) and his collab with R2Bees (Agyeii) and his collab with Efya (im in Love With you) and his collab with Raquel (Sweetio) and his collab with Stay Jay (Sue)…. and then of course there are a thousand more by him. Look, 2011 was Sarkodies year.Really. Everyone has their moment and 2011 was Sarkodie’s year. From Azonto to all his collabs, it was his year. Becca had her collab in the song “Push” and Asamoah Gyan was on the music scene again with “Do the Dance”. But I think Sarkodie will win this category. If not, it may go to Castro and Asamoah Gyan for “Do do do the dance”.

Reggae Song:
When I think of Reggae in Ghana I think of IWAN and Edem. Edem’s “ Ghetto Arise” should be nominated in the Reggae Category.The video is real and I like the story telling nature of it. It could be nominated for “Best music video” too.

Other Artists who should be nominated:
Atta Boafo- Double Double—just like the Azonto dance, this Gospel song definitely was a hit. It deserves recognition. Even today, Ghanaian churches all over the world are still singing this song.

Interesting Artists with interesting songs: Squadee and the FOKN BOIS—I would hope they would at least perform at the GMAs.. it would definitely add to the show.

There you have it.My nominations for the 2012 Ghana Music Awards.if I think of someone I missed, Ill add it to this story,but for now, these are AFROMUSIONS final nominations. When you see the executives at Vodafone/Charterhouse, please tell them to call me.