Elections and Peace in Ghana : Edem’s “Warrior for Peace” Song is an Insightful Reminder

29 Apr

Written by: Afromusion

Whenever there is an election in any African country, tension can be
felt in the air, due to the unknown. Whether people are NDC,NPP,or CPP
supporters, the one thing that ties the people together is their hope
for a peaceful election. During President Mills’ visit to the White
House in early March 2012, President Obama credited Ghana for having
peaceful elections, and stated that Ghana is a “model for Africa in
terms of its democratic practices”. As Ghana approaches a new election
season, it is important that all people, regardless of their political
affiliation, maintain the peace in the country.

Edem, a popular Ghanaian musician, has just released his ”Warrior for
Peace” song. This song is simple yet cleverly written and the words
are interwoven in a classical way. Edem, who was recently nominated
for his song ” Ghett Arise” seems to be the voice of the people,
whether it be the poor and underprivileged, or the youth. The
beginning of “Warrior for Peace”, starts off as a conversation, in
which Edem is expressing his wish for free and fair elections and
unity, and he is encouraging the leaders to listen to him and his
message. After expressing his wish, Edem starts singing about how
Ghanaians should be a warrior for peace, and not a warrior for war, in
the motherland of Ghana.

The song then breaks into a mini-story, a type of song writing Edem
has mastered over time, as evidenced in his “Ghettor Arise” song. In
“Warrior for Peace”, Edem tells the story about two neighbors who are
friends and do favors for each other. But then during election time,
they change their behavior because they are affiliated with different
parties. During and after election time, they become enemies and
frenemies. Either way, as Edem states, at the end of the day, there
should be peace.

“Be a warrior for peace, not a warrior for war, in this coming
election” are the words that are delicately interwoven throughout
this masterful song that Edem has created. This song, produced by
Genius, is so unique in its formation and creativity, making it a
timeless song. Fifty years from now, this song, “Warrior for Peace”
will still be a strong song because Edem has crafted it in such a way
that it will never become useless or “old”.

After the chorus of “ I see the children crying out for peace..be a
warrior for peace, not a warrior for war in this coming election” is
repeated in the song, Edem introduces the listener to mini-story # 2.
Edem discusses Ghana’s independence and how children , who know
nothing about politics, simply want to grow up , having the love and
care of their parents, and the opportunity to be successful citizens
of society, whether they become “a doctors, a pilot, a politician”.
The children are crying out for peace. In order for the children of
Ghana to live to see their dreams fulfilled, it is important that the
country of Ghana have free and fair and peaceful elections. In order
to stress this message about the youth, the song introduces a strong
layer of drums being beat in the background. The beating of drums is
like the “wake up call “ in the song—it is at this time that the song
reaches its climax , not only verbally, but musically as well. The
upbeat tempo that is introduced at the end of the song awakens the
senses, and instills a sense of pride and unity in the listener.

As you prepare yourself for this year’s election, remember that no
matter what party you are affiliated with, the one thing that should
tie everyone together should be their desire to be a “warrior of

Listen to “Warrior of Peace” song here: http://www.hulkshare.com/fa3zvj4gfae8

Reproduction of this article is prohibited without permission from author.


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