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29 Jan

4x4 Planet Radio South Africa

BY: Afromusion , January 30, 2013

Ghana’s most recent Best Group of the Year award winners , 4×4, are currently in South Africa making the rounds with various media outlets. On Monday, January 28th, 4×4 sat down for an in-depth interview on the “Check In Drive Time” show with Turas Turise on PlanetRadio TV ( to discuss not only their music, but the growth, unity, and prosperity of Africa.

The group , consisting of Coded, Captain Planet, and Fresh Prince, is currently in South Africa to not only promote their latest smash hit, “London Bridge”, but to make a new music video as well.

Stay tuned for more behind the scene photos of 4×4 in South Africa.

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Captain Planet - South Africa

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4x4 Planet Radio South Africa



26 Jan


By : Afromusion, 1.26.2013

Fif Wilson, a Ghanaian singer based in the United States, has released the video for his latest single,”We Do It”. The “We Do it” song is a bit different than his blockbuster single “Azonto Slow MO”, featuring Kukua Bee.  Unlike “Azonto Slow Mo”, which followed the Azonto trend, “We Do it” is a song about a relationship.

The “We Do It” video opens up with a couple standing on the street ,fighting over a small issue, while Fif checks his mail and returns to his home, thankful for the relationship he has.  The chaotic colors the couple is wearing resembles their chaotic relationship, while Fif and his lady are dressed in simple black and white. In the song, Fif Wilson sings about how he likes how “when they fight they keep it a secret, if it was any other girl , they would have tweeted…they plan things together, and our dreams will come true if we put enough effort, since we fly we should have our own airport”.

Fif Wilson continues into the song, introducing the chorus, “ I never really knew that we had it like… it makes my day when I hear them they say, they like the way we do it,do it”.

Comparing his love for the girl to an addition, and stating that she has his heart beating like a stereo, Fif is very clever with word selection. In a video with only four distinct scenes, the video is quite simple. The simplicity of the video is a reflection of the simplicity of the relationship evident in the video, one based on love that is “real, it’s not fiction”.

The video closes out with three dancers dancing very simple steps, under red lighting, the red symbolizing love. Once the music stops, the video only shows five guys, looking dapper, singing the chorus of the song.

“We Do It” is a love song, praising good, solid relationships that are built on trust and communication.

With Valentine’s Day approaching just around the corner, this is a great love song for couples who cherish and appreciate their relationships.

For more information on Fif Wilson, please go to:

Twitter: @fifwilson

Facebook: Fif Wilson

YouTube: iamfif




22 Jan

By : Afromusion, January 21,2013

Richie Mensah, from Lynx Entertainment, has recently released the video for his new song, “This is Love”. The “This is Love “ video starts off with Richie playing the piano, in chords which resemble the drops of water falling on him in the shower in adjacent scenes. The video starts out simply, with Richie relaxing on a bed, singing about how he never knew he would love again because the “first time my heart was left in pain”. But he continues to tell the listeners that he “never knew that (I) could smile, from so much joy inside, until you wiped my tears away.” It is when he says the word “joy” that the viewers see the face of the person who has brought him joy.

Richie Mensah continues into the song, introducing the chorus, singing that, “This is love, you are all that I see, im even missing you when you are with me, yes this is love, its just beginning, and I will love you every day ‘til the end..ooohhhh this is love”. This is a love song. A simple but elegant love song.

As Richie Mensah sings his song, one can feel the sincerity of his words. At times it is as if he is singing to the girl on his bed, but at other times he is looking straight into the camera and it is as if he is encouraging the viewer to look into his soul and feel the love he has encountered.

After singing the chorus in the Video, Richie Mensah is seen walking down the street, dressed in all black, as if he is going to a funeral. His movement down the street is highlighted with each strike of the piano, in a very distinct way. In the following scenes, we see him on a boat with the girl we saw earlier and then we see Richie buying a red rose from an elderly man, and the redness in the rose is the only prominent color in the scene. It symbolizes love, this is love. Out of nowhere, the viewer is introduced to a scene where the girl in the video is violently struck by a car while crossing the road. Once the girl is struck down, the girl turns into a ghost figure ,disappearing as Richie sings,” Im blind but I see” and “ Im still missing you when you are with me.” She also fades as he sings about how his love is just beginning. By the time the video reaches the 3:13 mark, it is evident that the girl has died but yet his love for the girl is so great and strong. By the time the video reaches the 3:18 mark, it makes the viewer gasp for air and hold back tears. The pain that Richie is feeling as a result of losing his love( the girl) and visiting her grave, and the love that he is still feeling for her (internal) is so great that there is a break in the song as the sound from the piano dwindles down, and the only thing left to say, while touching his heart is….This. .. is..…love.

Check out Richie Mensah’s new video, THIS IS LOVE: