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28 Feb


Jude Okeke AKA EINDO MONEY BUCKS Takes the South African music industry by storm with his music.

The last Son of Chief S. N Okeke and Chief Mrs Ngozi Okeke of Enugu State in Nigeria has redefined the term “hustle”.

Finally, foreign nationals in South Africa can proudly boast to have one of their own making massive waves in the South Africa entertainment industry.

Money Bucks, popularly known as Eindo, has gotten the entire Nation screaming his name, from the dusty streets of Soweto to the corridors of the union building stretching to the neighboring countries such as Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, and Lesotho to Swaziland, with his classic singles such as “Try a Big Boy” and “Sexy” . “Sexy” features two of South Africa’s prominent acts – Veezo (who hails from Botswana) and Shag (who is from Maf town In South Africa).

These two songs are on high rotation on Channel O and PRTV, Africa`s first Radio TV show, just to mention a few.

Eindo Money Bucks has successfully built his own record label, Creative Media Group (CMG), which comprises of a recording studio, a clothing Line called Voodoo Denim Couture (VDC), and a chroma key Studio situated in the hub
of entertainment in Johannesburg on 75 3rd Avenue Melville.

The CMG clique comprises of artists such as Big Fish, Justin Maw and 9Millz who are all currently working on their individual projects.

A leader and a self-motivated mogul , he is clearly aware of today’s ever changing music business. His music Influence
comes from his long road to riches and his ever persistent quest to change the lives of everybody under the recording label.

Eindo is also a philanthropist by nature who’s charitable deeds go beyond touching the lives of those around him, to the less fortunate on the streets of Africa.

Eindo’s music is a reflection of life, in which he sings about all the glitz and glamour of life, the ups and downs ,the good and the bad, and the importance of persevering and persisting to achieve your purpose in life.

His debut album , From System to System, is due for release in 2013.

He is currently working on collaborations with major acts from all over the globe.

He is currently managed by Turas Turise, who is currently the Good Morning Africa anchor, which airs everyday on DSTV Channel 154, and also the host of Check-In Time on PRTV.

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21 Feb

DATE: February 20, 2013

Here we are in 2013, in February, and we are all awaiting the “official” Ghana music awards nominee list.
While we sit for the “official” list, it is quite imperative that I release the official “Afromusion” list.
2012 was a GREATTTTTTTTTTTT year for Ghana music and its only going to get better.All of the artists were so busy and there was an enormous amount of music released, including the music videos.
Choosing nominees for the 2013 awards is going to be very difficult for some of the categories because many artists were worthy of being selected and nominated.
To this date, I have not seen the official criteria for each category so therefore I will list my nominees based on the criteria that makes sense to me..I will not cover all of the categories but I will cover the major ones, although they are all equally important. Ghana Music Awards has not released their list yet, which is great, because it means that my list is first and didn’t depend on anyones .

This category is the hardest one to choose nominees for because there were SO MANY FABULOUS videos. There are 3 VIDEOS which should be nominated no matter WHAT because they were amazing:
1. IKONZ : BACKCASE REMIX with the ALL STARS: This video is not only good but it includes many of Ghana’s top male performers, from Sarkodie, to Trigmatic, to Captain Planet and more.The simplicity yet complexity of the video is what makes it a winner.IKONZ has been MIA from the music scene for a few years but they have come back in full force. This BACK CASE REMIX VIDEO is a masterpiece and it 100% deserves a nomination (

2. EFYA: GETAWAY: Efya captures the beauty of Ghana in this video. In fact, GMA needs to create a category called” Best Cultural Video”. If they had such a category, Efya would win for capturing the beauty of Ghana. Again, like the IKONZ video, no fancy graphics, or special effects—the video displays the song and the beauty of Ghana. This video will surely be nominated.(

3. RAQUEL: LOVI DOVI: Raquel released two videos in 2012- Sweetio and Lovi dovi. The Sweetio video was not amusing at all although the song is quite good.However, Raquel redeemed herself with the LOVI DOVI video. The essence of the video and the story created within the video , being narrated by the song, was a masterpiece. At times, the video felt like a mini-movie, with narration inserted within the video. The viewers are left wondering whether or not Raquel will be able to capture the heart of the video’s heartthrob, and do the “Lovi Dovi” with him. The video was cleverly created and it WILL be nominated for a Ghana Music Awards. There’s no way this video will be overlooked. (
Last year , the exclusion of Agyei and the failure to nominate Yaw Siki for a GMA were huge mistakes that the GMA can not afford to make again this year. It is my hope that the top three videos will not be overlooked.

Other videos which deserve a very serious look and probably a nomination:
4. TIFFANY AND CASTRO: AGYEKOOM: This is a video about love and heartbreak.Again, another simple video which told the story…. brilliantly. Tiffany and castro told the story simply by appearing solely in their video shots, with story scenes intertwined within the video.This is another video which deserves to be nominated. (

5. RNM and 4×4-“Simple Luv”: This video is a collaboration of two groups-4×4 and RNM. Its a feel good video about simple love.If this video does not get nominated in this category, the song will DEFINITELY be nominated for BEST COLLABORATION song. So it is one or other, or both.

6. FUSE ODG FT WYCLEF- “Antenna”—This video and song is a mega hit…MEGA HIT!!! How GMA will classify it, I am unsure of. However, this video is a SMASH, worldwide, so if it qualifies and meets all the rules and regulations for being nominated in this category, then it definitely needs to be nominated, along with IKonz and Lovi dovi (

7. JEED ROGERS – “Tell em” : I like this video.Some people may say they don’t like the motif behind it—the bad guys and things like that.and that’s fine.But the creativity behind it, making a full cartoon like video is what leads me to nominate this video.Best Video, in my mind, is not only about how appealing it is, but it should also be about creativity, and I think this video, by using animation/cartoons, makes it a video worth nominating.

8. Trebla – Boys Make wild: nice again, this video is “different”, that’s what makes it stand out in my mind, the uniqueness of it.

9. Keche: Aluguntugui : I don’t need to say anything about this video because Im sure all of you have seen it. Catchy song and catchy video. If the song was also officially released in 2012, then the song also deserves a nomination.

Other videos which I feel could be easily nominated for BEST VIDEO include:
EDEM – Hey Ba
Chase- Lonely
Manifest/Efya- Asa
Becca-No Away
VIP – Pampana

A.IKONZ AND ALL STAR: BACK CASE: Ikonz GH came into 2012 at full speed with their BACK CASE REMIX. The song is smoking HOT and its one of the best collaborations from 2012.Apart from being nominated for BEST VIDEO, it definitely deserves a “BEST COLLABORATION” nod.

B.STAY J AND JAY GHARTEY- “MY LOVE”-released April 12, 2012, this collaboration is one I was never expecting. Never in a million years would I have expected the two to create music, but they did and it was a success. STAY JAY had a lot of great collaborations last year. Another great collaboration which could possibly be nominated is his song with Mugeez, “ MY BABY’, another great collaboration. Stay Jay has a very HIGH chance of being nominated, and if so, it will be for one of his collaborations.

C. R2BEES AND SARKODIE: BAYLA TRAP: Now I do think this song is popular HOWEVERRRRRRRRRRRR due to some of the bad language ( which is VERY limited) I wonder if GMA will turn their eyes away from it? Perhaps they listen to the clean version. R2bees already lost out to a nomination last year,”Ajeii”, another song done in collaboration with Sarkodie and others, and produced by Killbeatz. Poor Killbeatz, I hope this song too wont be kicked to the curb.
Speaking of KILLBEATZ, 2012 was DEFINITELY his year. He produced many of the top hits in 2012 and that should not go unmentioned.

D. RNM and 4×4-“Simple Luv” This song will definitely be nominated because it was one of the best collaborations from 2012.That is all there is to say about that.

E. ITZ TIFFANY and CASTRO – Agyekoom – Another beautiful collaboration which deserves a GMA nod, and this would be the best category for it. Tiffany had a busy year in 2012, travelling all over the world and promoting her music and website. At the very end of 2012, the VERY END, she released a song called “Forever” with Mugeez, produced by POssigee. Im not sure if it will be nominated because it came out at the very end of the year and no video has been released but the song is quite good. It may or may not be nominated. However, in terms of “best Collaboration”, she should be considered for her song “Agyekoom” which she sang with CASTRO.

F. EDEM AND PAT THOMA S– SIKA YE MOGYA-Who expected Edem to remake this song? No one. My point exactly. Its an oldie but a goodie, and it has the potential of being nominated because it is a great collaboration- mixing the old with the new.

Sarkodie and Edem released a lot of music in 2012—two of the top song releasing artists in 2012, so they can easily be nominated in several categories,so if that happens no one should be surprised. Kwaw Kesse also had a very good year.

Category III: Best New Artist
This is a very tricky category.How does GMA define” new”—does new mean they have never been nominated for this category or they have never been nominated for any of the categories at all??
RNM, the group, will definitely be nominated because I don’t think they have been nominated in the past in this category, and they have worked hard in 2012. I suppose they will be nominated under best group.

Criss Waddle from R2Bees—he too also had a great 2012.i think the chances of him being nominated are quite high.With his just released “Ayi’ video, the guy is on a roll.

Jeed Rogers and Nino may also possibly be nominated. One guy I really like is Moxkito but Im not sure if his sounds have gone totally mainstream, if not he is one guy who we should all be paying attention to .Another great young guy is Paapa Mensah, with Skillions. The guy is ridiculously talented and whether or not he is nominated will not take away from the fact that he is beyond talented—another great guy to pay attention to.

Biggieman is another Ghanaian artists who has been going around the country, singing at various events and appearing on TV and radio shows.He is more of a reggae artist but he has some strong arrangements on his CD, he is a strong singer.He too is an artist to keep an eye on.

Wutah Kobby- I think he could easily be nominated in this category because he is a new solo artist, no longer with the group Wutah, so he should probably be nominated. He released a few songs in 2012. What happens when an artist leaves a group and goes solo- can they be nominated for a “best new artist” award? This is the 90 million dollar question.
2ras could be nominated as well.

So for this category , I know for sure that RNM should be nominated,assuming “groups” can be nominated in the “Best New Artist” category. Can Yaw Siki finally get his nomination even though he really should have been nominated last year? But he did release Jeggings Party and One more Flow last year, so theres a slight possibility, but truly truly, he should have been nominated during the GMA 2012 awards-last year.
I do not feel like there were that many new artists in 2012, so I think this is a very hard category to discuss—it is anyone’s game I suppose.RNM, Wutah,possibly 2ras and who else- AJ Nelson? I mean there was Kojo Cue, CReal, and a bunch of other people. I think this category will have the biggest surprise. Maybe like AJ Nelson and Lousika, and Kaaki may be nominated as well. we shall see.


This category will be very similar to last years nominations. Of course you will have Sarkodie, Edem, Efya,Mugeez/R2bees, 4X4. Now , depending on how FUSE ODG is categorized, he should be nominated as well. Raquel should also be nominated, and Keche (they are a group though)…D Black may be nominated too.

Ah yes, this is my favorite category. This is a simple category, because all I have to do is think, “Which songs would I burn on a CD if I was taking a 4 hour drive”:. Those songs are :
– Keche: Aluguntugui
– 4×4: London Bridge
-Raquel – Lovi Dovi
-FUSE ODG – Antennae
-Anything from Edem ,R2Bees, Sarkodie because they released boatloads of music—Their music is a wildcard—
-I think Tiffany’s CARRY GO and AGYEKOOM were wonderful and could be nominated in this category too.
-I d probably throw Azonto Fiesta in it too


Most of the songs I already typed up above will be listed here.Its strange, I feel like it’s the same people, winning over and over again.This could be a good thing or a bad thing. I definitely think that this years GMA belongs to R2Bees—because they were making HITS in 2012. Sarkodie will have another good year as well, and I hope that Edem wil be able to walk away with an award this year-if not, he will definitely be nominated, hopefully in at least two categories-I am eyeing Mede Kuku.
But as for Afro pop song of the year:
Sarkodie/Appietus/Kesse: Azonto Fiesta
STAY J- Twaame Lala
FUSE ODG: Antennae
Keche- Aluguntugui
Tiffany- Carry Go
VIP: Pampana
DBlack – Vera ( some may not consider this to be Afro Pop, but I expect it to be nominated in one of these categories)
4×4: Mokoni
5five: Gargantuan Body (that’s right, the banned video one)
D Cryme: 1step 2 Back

How do you define ” Afro Pop”? Whats is the tru definition of Afro Pop because everyone seems to define this differently.

GOSPEL: I have not followed this category too well but I really think that Sarkodie could EASILY be nominated in this category. Truly.C-real—his Kneel, Pray,Rise, Conquer song( was a good song which could qualify for this category even though he probably meant for it to be a hiplife/rap type of song. Just like D cryme had that great song ,”It’s You”.
DEVIL IN ME—Some will argue that this song was released in 2013.Im like 99.9% confident that this song was released on the last day of 2012.This is a good song—what category it falls under, I don’t know- it could be rap-kinda, gospel, etc etc. Either way, whether or not this song is nominated, it’s a good song.Period. “Acoustic soul”, by Sarkodie, is a deep insightful song as well. I think Sarkodie sings these songs just to speak his mind in a lyrical way, unknowingly creating his most touching creations.

Lets not forget about Herty Borngreat’s song with Sarkodie,”Bebree”. Sarkodie could easily win most of his awards from the Gospel Category and Herty may be nominated for her collaboration with a rap artist.

Ghana music awards is missing SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY CATEGORIES: Like best soundtrack, best orchestral arrangement, best composition, and best production/engineering..

We also need a BEST TRADITIONAL Category (im simply going off of the categories i see on GMA 12 list from last year).I do not see why there is an African Artist ( Non Ghanaian category)—what do we need that for? Lets focus on our Ghanaians.
As I stated earlier, I expect this to be a good year for many of the artists. I expect Ikonz to be nominated as well as Keche ,Raquel, and probably Tiffany, among others. Let us wait and see what happens. And lets see if the Ghana Music Awards organizers invite me  wouldn’t that be fabulous!!
I do hope that this year at the Ghana Music Awards, the trophies, will be engraved with the winners name.This is SOO IMPORTANT. Charterhouse, please engrave those trophies so that we all know that winners were not switched at the last minute —it would just help with transparency.
Good luck to all of the singers in Ghana. No matter what, whether or not you are nominated, your music is significant, so let’s keep it coming.