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BY: Afromusion, March 2, 2013

Jayso and Sarkodie have teamed up to create the TMG (The Mind Game) album. The album will contain collaborations between the two, giving listeners a new blend of music to appreciate and respect. Jayso and Sarkodie released two songs off of the upcoming album in 2012, “Pizza and Burger”, and “I’m in Love with your Girlfriend”. In mid February 2013, the duo released their third song, “Let ‘Em Know Now”, and the accompanying video was their first animated video associated with the album.

“Let ‘Em Know Now” is the type of video that expresses its message through a symbolistic approach. The video opens up with a mystery voice explaining the difference between successful and non successful people, stating how obstacles are simply viewed as “hurdles” by the successful. Next, there is a cartoon image of Sarkodie and Jayso singing their “Pizza and Burgers” song to a sold out crowd. The mystery voice then poses the question , “Are your obstacles a financial one of perhaps the HATER?” The mystery voice continues to tell the viewers that usually HATERS will hold you back…but they won’t hold back Sarkodie and Jayso.

As the song begins, Jayso raps about how he is approaching his music hard, hitting the ground hard without a parachute, still blazing the charts, and going full force. As Jayso raps, the video correlates with his words. As he sings “Haters is out of line like a derailed train, I’m just saying, if they want to hate they should be well trained, who gonna stop me”, the cartoon version of Jayso is seen walking towards his “hater”. The “hater” is portrayed as a huge monster-like creature, in comparison to the animated Jayso. But animated Jayso, armed with his weapon, a piece of a drum set representing “music prowess” , approaches the “hater” head on, unafraid of what is before him. He runs towards the monster, singing about how “everybody wants to pull him down, but he keeps going, and at this rate(he) should be crowned.” As he runs towards his monstrous enemy, the “HATER”, who is 20X his size, he is able to slash the “Hater’s” throat and bring him tumbling down. He uses his musical token, the cymbal, to bring down his “Hater”. Remember, the monster represents all the “haters” he has faced in his life, especially as it relates to music-like haters in the music industry. But the music Jayso makes in the studio, will “let them know” what is up. Right when the animated Jayso has successfully brought down his own monstrous “hater”, the “Musichaterhene” and all of his workmen are shocked, while the animated Sarkodie is busy flirting with the animated beautiful lady. Equipped with a necklace which has a music emblem hanging from it, to symbolize that he is the “musichaterhene”, the King of the Music Haters-the Musichaterhene stands up and orders the “beast” to be released.

The “beast” is an even greater “hater”, more powerful and more deadly than the “hater” animated Jayso was forced to encounter. Seeing the “beast” , which is the ultimate “hater”, animated Jayso cries out of disbelief. Meanwhile, animated Sarkodie comforts the animated Jayso, by politely tapping his shoulder and taking a microphone. At this point, the animated Jayso had already “attacked” his haters using the piece from the drum set, and now the animated Sarkodie is about to use a different type of a musical instrument – his voice and his raps- to destroy his “haters”.
As the animated Sarkodie raps, the whole place starts to tremble, due to his lyrical prowess. The more he raps, the greater the impact. He raps about his enemies and the success he has had and hopes to continue having in the future. He doesn’t care what the enemies are saying about him—he just hopes to continue being a success. He raps about how he hears what people are saying about him, but he doesn’t really care because he will keep doing what he does and let his music speak for him. His music will “let them know” who is who and what is what.

As Sarkodie continues rapping, the “beast’ tries with all his might to keep his grip and attack him, but animated Sarkodie’s rap is just too much . Animated Sarkodie’s weapon, his rapping, is so powerful and so strong, that animated Jayso is forced to hold on to his hat, and eventually the “beast” , the Musichaterhene, and even the cute girls are blown away due to the tornado- type “musical winds” caused by Sarkodie’s rapping.
As a result of defeating their “haters”, the animated Sarkodie and Jayso are given rings which transport them to different places. Eventually they are transported to a place with lovely women and the video ends with them being pleasantly happy.

The video is cleverly done, in terms of the symbolism that is clearly displayed throughout the video. The huge monster like man and the beast represent the “haters”. Haters come in different shapes and sizes, but either way they always pose some sort of a threat. Right when you think you have overcome one hater, another one pops up, out of nowehere, like the beast. No matter how scary the haters may be, the video demonstrates that haters can be overcome if you stick with what you do best. If you focus on your skill and work hard, the haters will always be there, but your talent and skill will speak for itself and destroy them. Your talent and skill will ”let them know” that you work hard and are willing to attack all haters head on, with your weapon of destruction. In this case, the weapons are their musical talent.

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