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27 May

May 27,2013



Sarkodie and Jayso have collaborated to create the TMG (The Mind Game) album. So far, such songs, including “Pizza and Burgers” ( which was nominated for a 2013 Ghana Music Award), and “Let’Em Know”, have been released with accompanying videos. Sarkodie and Jayso’s latest video release is for the song , “I’m in Love with Your Girlfriend”.
The song, in and of itself, is about a guy being in love with someone’s girlfriend. The full track can be heard here: In the song, a guy is telling a woman that he “can’t force himself to love” her because he has tried and tried, but the feeling is not the same for her. However, her girlfriend, is the one he is feeling and the one who makes his heart skip a beat. In the song, not only does the guy tell the woman that he is not in love with her, but his girlfriend also tells her as well. The girlfriend he is in love with knows that her best friend is in love with her boyfriend, telling her that “he can not force himself to love” her and that the girl should not live a lie, telling her that she is his girlfriend and that no other girl can make him feel the way she does.

Did you follow all of that? Good.

Sometimes hearing a song and seeing the video for a song are two different things. Jayso and Sarkodie have taken the “Im in Love With Your Girlfriend” song and created a completely extreme concept . In the video, which is a mini-movie, there are various story lines threaded throughout the video.
The video opens up with Jayso, Efya,and Chantelle A. (“Abena”) sitting in a fancy restaurant, celebrating Efya’s birthday, and enjoying the sweet Kasapreko Kasa Vino wine. The viewers can hear Abena singing the Happy Birthday song in a weird funny tone, but it seems as if she refuses to say Efya’s name during the song. In the next screen shot, the lovely Chantelle, playing the character of “Abena” and Jayso can be seen assisting Efya with the cutting of her birthday cake, and Efya exclaims that she is so delighted to be with two of her favorite people-her best friend and her boyfriend.

While Efya is thanking her man, Jayso, for a pleasant birthday, Abena is seen squeezing her face in disgust. While celebrating the joyous occasion, Abena starts caressing the thigh of Jayso, rapidly, and Jayso responds by spitting out his wine on his red and black blazer. Having received the response she wanted, Abena follows Jayso to the bathroom, leaving the birthday girl, Efya, alone, and in disbelief.
All of this happens before the song even begins.

As the song begins, Jayso is viewed in bed with a woman and his red blazer is resting on a chair. While he is telling a woman that he is in love with someone else, the video shows clips of his shoes, his jacket, a purse, and the necklace and dress Efya was wearing to the birthday party. Therefore, it is obvious that Efya is the girl resting in bed with him, although her face is still hidden. While Jayso is singing about his girlfriend makes his heart skip a beat, his girlfriend is busy caressing his chest, with red finger nails. But the most interesting thing about her hands, the same hands caressing his chest, is the ring she wears on her thumb. It appears that she is wearing a ring that is in the shape of a pistol, and the pistol is pointed directly at Jayso’s head.
After singing the chorus , “I’m in Love with your girlfriend, she’s in love with me”, the viewers see Efya’s face, as she confronts her best friend ,Abena, on the phone, much to the shock of Abena. While Efya is busy singing about how she is the best thing for Jayso, Abena can be seen, resting in bed, drinking away her sorrow, while listening to Efya on the phone.
During the middle of the night, the music stops, and while Jayso is resting peacefully in bed with the girl he is in love with (Efya), Efya sneaks out of bed and makes a phone call, in which she tells the listener to “go get that girl”.
In the next scene, Abena, who is shown resting peacefully on her bed, after enjoying a glass of Alomo Bitters, is kidnapped by an unknown person. By the time she reemerges, she is seen, tied up, sitting by herself, in the middle of nowhere, in her lingerie, with a bruised eye.
The music restarts, and the viewers are introduced to Sarkodie, the leader of the bad guys. Sarkodie basically tells her that she is wasting her time on Jayso, because obviously he doesn’t want her and she is making a fool out of herself. Meanwhile, Efya is standing next to Sarkodie, in a bright red and black dress, making it obvious that she was in charge of the kidnapping. The color “red” is relevant throughout the video. In the beginning of the video, Jayso was seen wearing a red blazer, the word “love” is highlighted in red in the title, Efya’s nails are red, and Abena’s pillows are red.

While Sarkodie is telling Abena his piece of mind, Abena sits there, listening to him with a smirk on her face, because she can see that the police are about to save her. Also, surprisingly, Jayso, is a police officer, possibly the chief of police. When the police confront the bad guys, Jayso looks at his girl, Efya. As Jayso hastily unties Abena from the ropes she is tied in, and lovingly enwraps her in his jacket, the only thing Abena says is, “I told you so”.

Wait!! What is she talking about? We never saw her having a conversation with Jayso, so what is she referring to? Did the viewers miss a scene?

Right when these thoughts are going through the minds of the viewers, the music video goes into rewind mode, back to the very beginning, when Jayso excuses himself from the table to go clean his jacket. As Jayso enters the bathroom to clean up, Abena confidently strolls into the mens’ bathroom, ensures that the stalls are empty, and tries to make a move onto Jayso. Jayso, being the pleasant man that he is, does not entertain her, but seems quite shocked when Abena brings up the topic of the diamonds. Diamonds, what diamonds? Diamonds from where and from whom?
Then the video ends.

This video leaves the viewers asking many questions, such as: What diamonds? Where did Jayso get the diamonds from and why does he have access to the diamonds- are they his personal diamonds or did he steal them from an evidence room? How does Efya know he has diamonds? How did Efya even meet Jayso? How did Abena find out about the diamonds? Did Efya befriend Jayso for the diamonds? Was the kidnapping planned by Abena to prove to Jayso that Efya was a bad person? If the kidnapping was planned by Abena, what is going to happen to Efya and Sarkodie, assuming that they are arrested? Now that Efya will be arrested, presumably, will Jayso now fall in love with his girlfriend’s (Efya) girlfriend (Abena)?

There are so many questions to be answered. This video can easily become a trilogy, very much the same way singer R.Kelly makes music videos which turn into connected mini-movies .
The “I’m in Love with Your Girlfriend” video entertains viewers but it also leaves them asking many questions in their head. Produced by 3rd Channel Direct, sponsored by Kasapreko Company Limited, and directed by 6miludo Media / Clockork Media , the “I’m in Love with your Girlfriend” video is quite complex and somewhat of a cliffhanger.
Luckily, Jayso and Sarkodie’s TMG Album still has unreleased songs, so hopefully, they will address the unanswered questions in an upcoming song. Jayso and Sarkodie obviously work well together, and each video they make collectively brings something new to the table. Each video becomes more and more complex, making the viewers watch each video more closely, in order to catch and interpret the symbolic themes strategically placed within the videos.
We will all patiently have to wait for the next Jayso and Sarkodie video, while wondering, “what diamonds”?




10 May

Written by: Afromusion
May 9, 2013


1.Tell us a little bit about your background Noella- where did you grow up and go to

I grew up in Funsi, which is a small village in the north of Ghana. Nearby is the town of Tumu where I went to school. I enjoyed football, drawing, singing and dancing. People used to say I was a tomboy.

2. When did you get into music- what sparked your interest in music?

My mother was a chorister and she taught us to sing. We were four sisters and we used to sit with her and sing with her when she was practicing for Sunday choir.

3. What was the first song you ever wrote?

It was called Tuma which means “work” (if you don’t work, you won’t chop; no food for the lazy man) lol.

4.What is the importance of music in society, as a whole?

Music creates joy and peace which we can all share. Music is in nature, it’s all around us!

5.How do you define your music?

I do many kinds of music, but it’s all Afro, it could be Afro-Rock, Afro-Pop, Afro-soul, Afro-Tech. I can never lose my Africaness.

6. Who were your favorite musicians when you were growing up?

Madonna, Michael Jackson and Angelique Kidjo

7.Who are your favorite musicians now?

Tina Turner, Angelique Kidjo and Grace Jones

8. It seems like many of the country’s singers are from central Accra and Tema.
You are from the Upper West region of Ghana. How does that influence your

Actually, I’ve been influenced by the international stars I have seen on TV and the local singers and beats from the Upper West.

9. You are now based in Accra. Do you think in order to succeed musically in Ghana, it is vital to come closer to the capital?
Yes, it’s the truth! If you are based in Upper West it is like being dead. People would not even know you exist! I hope that will change one day.

10. Which Ghanaian musician would you like to work with and why?
Osibisa, because their music reflected the best of Ghana and singing with them would be so inspirational.

11.How does technology impact your music?
A lot, because most music is made with computers these days. People outside of the country and continent can now hear your songs because of technology.

12. If you were not making music, what do you think you would be doing in your
Something creative like fashion design, I design most of my own stage dresses. Or, a professional artist.

13. ‘Make Me Dance’ is your latest video—tell us a little bit about that song and the video concept.

Well, I hope the song is a mature way of telling your partner that making love with them is great! The video is supposed to represent the ‘wow’ factor of that emotion.

14. Did you write ‘ Make Me Dance’ If so, what inspired you to write it?

Yes! I wrote “Make Me Dance”! I was doing the washing. I was excited that afternoon and from no where the song popped up in a melody form and I developed it until I got what we have on the record now.

15. How do you write your songs- what process do you go through?

A melody comes into my head and some small words, I sing it to myself and it develops. Then I take it to the studio so that a beat can be made for it.

16. What role does Ghanaian music have in the world?
For now, Azonto has made Ghana popular. But we have more than that and we should export it.

17.Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
I’m targeting all the big stages here in Ghana and outside. The big festivals and all.

18. What advice would you give to young aspiring musicians?*

Believe in yourself, practice harder and harder.

19.What role do women play in Ghanaian music?

A difficult role, it’s not easy to be a female musician, but we are managing more and more.

20.There are a few Ghanaian women musicians. What makes your style of music
My genre of music. My look! My voice! My performance…I rock!

21. As you navigate the music scene, what has been the most shocking aspect of
the music entertainment scene?

The fear of investing in a real talent

22. As you navigate the music scene, what has been the most intriguing/positive
aspect of the music entertainment scene?

When a real talent emerges after years of struggling alone, surprise, surprise, the investors and would-be managers suddenly appear… intriguing!! The process makes you stronger and more independent!

Fun Facts about Noella:
Nickname: nickname at school was “Man-Woman”!
Favorite TV show: “By the Fireside”, best TV show ever!
Favorite song: Take a Bow, by Madonna
Favorite place to hang out: Sitting under a mango tree eating the mangoes. lol
Countries you have visited: Burkina Faso and South Africa

Favorite food: TZ(Tuo Zaafi) + grasscutter meat with green soup

When was the last time you:

Cried: last night

Laughed: right now!
Cooked: today

Were scared: when I dream

What are you afraid of: darkness

Traveled outside of Accra: Sunday
To learn more about Noella, check out the following:
Twitter name: @Wiyaala


9 May


Sarkodie has finally introduced his SARK COLLECTION to the world. His clothing line contains a variety of items, including hats, pants, belts and more. The shop is conveniently located inside Dzorwulu and shares the same building with Peter Pan Restaurant around the Aphrodisac Nite Club road.

Write a 1,000 word or less esssay detailing your love for Sarkodie.Why do you like Sarkodie, how does he/his music influence you?

Write a simple essay and contact me via this page or tweet me with the word “essay”, and then I will follow you, exchange emails, and you can send me your essay.

WINNER wins SARK merchandise.

RULES: You must live in Ghana ( why? because I will not want to have to MAIL you your merchandise..we will do an international contest later I suppose:)); Contest deadline is May 31, 2013.

**Disclaimer: Sarkodie is not directly affiliated with this contest.I am doing this contest because at the end of the day we all love African music, so when we can support the work of others, we should.But if I’m lucky, maybe Ill be able to get Sarkodie to show up when you get your prize… hey you never know, hahahahaha **



9 May



4 May
Picture Source: Ghana Nation

Picture Source: Ghana Nation

MAY 4, 2013:
Kwabena Kwabena is a highly respected and gifted Ghanaian artist. With established hits like “Bibini”, “Aso” and “Obi Do Wo A Do Ni Bi”, Kwabena Kwabena is gearing up to release another highly anticipated album ,entitled DAAKYE, which will be a compilation of various musical genres. Apart from preparing for an album launch, Kwabena Kwabena is also preparing to attend the Ghana Music Awards, as a result of three nominations he received in conjunction with Asem for the song “Bye Bye”. Nominated for Vodafone Song of the Year, Best Collaboration of the Year, and Hip-Life Song of the Year, 2013 is starting out well for Kwabena Kwabena.

Kwabena Kwabena recently sat down with Afromusion during a LIVE twitter interview  (AFROMUSIONTWITTERVIEWS) on May 3, 2013, to discuss his music and future plans.

The following is the transcript:

AFROMUSION: When did you first get into music? Tell us a little bit about your journey.

KWABENA KWABENA:  I got into music at a very tender age, music has always been part of my family so I guess I picked it up easily. It started from the church and then it grew to become a passion instead of the hobby.  It went on and on until I was able to show the world my God given talents.


AFROMUSION: What makes your music different than other artists/how do you define it?

KWABENA KWABENA: I would say that everybody is different and unique in their own way and we all try to make a difference with what God has given us. I can sing and someone else can rap but the most important thing is doing what you can do best in your comfort zone


AFROMUSION: At what point in your life did you realize that your music was known internationally?

KWABENA KWABENA: I am grateful to my maker for such a wonderful talent and for it to be able to reach the rest of the world. I know people all over the world listen to my music, both Ghanaians and people from the diaspora, and it make me feel good.


AFROMUSION: How has your life changed, now that you are a highly regarded musician?

KWABENA KWABENA: it’s been a wonderful and successful journey so far . The Lord has been good to me, my fans have been loyal to me through thick and thin and almost every thing I own today –  music contributed a lot to it and am grateful for the talent

AFROMUSION: How did you get the name Kwabena Kwabena?

KWABENA KWABENA: I grew up with a thought of becoming an architect, but my passion for music got the best of me in life, so everyone who knew me from back then knew me as  “Kwabena the Architect”, so when I got into music I added another Kwabena to it so there can be two Kwabenas. There’s Kwabena the “architect” and Kwabena the “musician”.

AFROMUSION: I bet you there are millions of people who NEVERRRRRR knew that!!

KWABENA KWABENA: yea there is always a first time to everything in life lol

AFROMUSION: Out of all the songs you have written, which one is your favorite?

KWABENA KWABENA: my music is like my children and I love all of them and can never choose one over the other because every one of them is from God.

AFROMUSION: Really!!! Ok Kwabena Kwabena , so there is not ONE song that you hold TIGHTLY to your heart?? 🙂

KWABENA KWABENA: There are those songs that shot me to stardom but that does not mean that they are better than the others

AFROMUSION: What inspires you to write your music? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

KWABENA KWABENA: Things around me on a daily basis, things I go through, what I hear, watch and read, and most my maker gives me the music.

AFROMUSION: Do you remember where you were the first time u heard your song on the radio?

KWABENA KWABENA: I was at home when I had a call from a friend who had already heard my songs and he called me up to tune to a particular radio station and I was being played over there . It really made me feel good

AFROMUSION: What song of yours was playing on the radio, when your friend called you?

KWABENA KWABENA: Aso, I guess, lol.

AFROMUSION:  You have just recently been nominated for a Ghana Music Award… how did that make you feel?

KWABENA KWABENA: Great, it always feels good when people appreciate the hard work you put into your craft as an artist.

AFROMUSION: Let’s talk about your nomination for BYE BYE with ASEM. How did you create the concept for that song?

 KWABENA KWABENA: it’s a good song and it was created by two great minds. Asem is a great song writer and composer so it made it easy working with him

AFROMUSION: You and ASEM have been nominated in SO MANY CATEGORIES: Song of the Year, Best Collaboration, Hip life..the chances are high of you winning a category.

KWABENA KWABENA: We pray we win. It is a good song and surely deserves an award

AFROMUSION: You have been a constant in the Ghana music scene. How do you feel GH music has changed over time?

KWABENA KWABENA: Well it’s had its ups and downs but in all I would say its really getting better, at least the Azonto trend has helped put a check to the Naija invasion of our music industry and it can only get better if we as musicians learn to serve to people with right music for them to enjoy and also for our people to be a little bit patriotic and help the musicians grow by buying our works.

AFROMUSION; Do you know how to do the Azonto?

KWABENA KWABENA: Yeah, I dance it a lot and I love it. This has the Ghanaian culture all over it- our way of life, humor, and everything in it !

AFROMUSION: You, me, Fuse ODG, Sarkodie, will have to have an AZONTO dance contest since you claim to know how to do it well 🙂

KWABENA KWABENA: Ha ha ha ha , we will see who is the best when it gets there but big ups to everyone who has taken Ghana music to the next level

AFROMUSION:  What can your fans expect from you this year?

KWABENA KWABENA: A massive album will be launched at the start of next month and my fans should be on the lookout.

AFROMUSION: Yes everyone will be awaiting your album. The cover is surreal. What makes this upcoming album different than your last one?

KWABENA KWABENA: This is the new me, the new Kwabena Kwabena. This has a couple of tunes you can easily dance to, as well as your favorite ballad songs. It’s a great album and I encourage all my fans to grab a copy when it finally comes out.

AFROMUSION: it has been an HONOR having you LIVE on AFROMUSIONtwitterview. We have learned so much about you!!

KWABENA KWABENA: It is my pleasure to serve my fans at all times. Any day you need me I will be right here for you and for them.

AFROMUSION: Thank you SO MUCH !! And best of luck at the GHANA MUSIC AWARDS.. we will all be watching to support you!

KWABENA KWABENA: Thank you too! I am grateful and we pray to God we win and we pray for strength and guidance for making everyone happy.


2 May


An addition to Tema’s contribution to the Ghana Music Industry is the latest artist, Randy DaPrince. He is a great talent, based in the United States, who is widely recognized by the Ghanaian and African community. Randy DaPrince is currently signed to ARK MUSIC GROUP (A.M.G),a Virginia based record label.

PROGRESSION is the title of his debut album, a timeless workpiece which blends genres and will ultimately thrill music lovers. With tunes such as “Progression”, “Give It To Me”, and “Delilah”, the album is filled with a mix of music, highlighting his music ability. The “Best I Ever Had” video can be viewed on YouTube on the Randy DaprinceTVchannel. To give the discerning listener quality music, Randy DaPrince recently visited his homeland Ghana, after a decade of living abroad. While visiting Ghana, Randy DaPrince worked with many of Ghana’s top artists, including Itz Tiffany, Yaw Siki, and Mohammed (TV3 GANGSTARS), just to highlight a few.

As promised during the interviews granted to him by ETV Ghana and Crystal TV, Randy DaPrince’s new track “Delilah”, featuring Yaw Siki, is an Afrobeat inspired song, produced by Possi Gee, detailing the alluring qualities of “Delilah”. The storyline within “Delilah” is captivating and a story in which many can relate to. Randy DaPrince believes that the release of “Delilah” will formally introduce him to Ghanaians around the world, placing him firmly on music charts. Randy DaPrince wants music lovers to expect only the best top notch production from him.

Listen to “Delilah” here:

Randy daPrince can be found on Twitter: @Randydaprince