9 May


Sarkodie has finally introduced his SARK COLLECTION to the world. His clothing line contains a variety of items, including hats, pants, belts and more. The shop is conveniently located inside Dzorwulu and shares the same building with Peter Pan Restaurant around the Aphrodisac Nite Club road.

Write a 1,000 word or less esssay detailing your love for Sarkodie.Why do you like Sarkodie, how does he/his music influence you?

Write a simple essay and contact me via this page or tweet me with the word “essay”, and then I will follow you, exchange emails, and you can send me your essay.

WINNER wins SARK merchandise.

RULES: You must live in Ghana ( why? because I will not want to have to MAIL you your merchandise..we will do an international contest later I suppose:)); Contest deadline is May 31, 2013.

**Disclaimer: Sarkodie is not directly affiliated with this contest.I am doing this contest because at the end of the day we all love African music, so when we can support the work of others, we should.But if I’m lucky, maybe Ill be able to get Sarkodie to show up when you get your prize… hey you never know, hahahahaha **



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