8 Jul


JULY 7,2013-
Ghanaian artist, Selasi, has released the video for his song “Ups and Downs”. Mixed with English and Twi, the song has a catchy beat, describing the ups and downs of a relationship.
The video opens up with the audio of a couple fighting, where a lady is heard telling her man that she is not going to deal with his nonsense one more time. Next, the viewers are introduced to a fighting couple, and twenty four seconds later the lyrics for the song are introduced.

“Girl I know we’ve had our ups and downs” is the line introduced , as Selasi can be seen going down the steps of a home. As he drives to work frustrated, Selasi is shown thinking about the girl while the lyrics “ not saying I don’t love you, not saying I don’t love you” serve as the musical backdrop for the scene.
During the 6 month flashback, the video clearly shows how Selasi met his girlfriend. A mechanic, Selasi met his soon to be girlfriend while working as a mechanic at an auto body shop. His girlfriend brought her car into the shop and they entered into a relationship, however over time , the relationship encountered ups and downs .
The use of symbolism is evident in this “Ups and Down” video. In the beginning of the video, while Selasi’s girlfriend is yelling and screaming at him, she is wearing a pink shirt and her nails are pink. The only red items in that scene are the red cup and the soap. Red symbolizes the deepest love, it symbolizes love and adoration, however his girlfriend is seen wearing pink, possibly symbolizing a decrease in her love towards Selasi. As Selasi drives to work, there are scenes of him in a black coat and black shirt, symbolizing the lack of love. The only time Selasi is seen wearing red is during the morning on the day when he meets his girlfriend, he is seen wearing what appears to be red boxers or pants. Also, on the day that he meets his soon to be girl, she is wearing bright red lipstick-symbolizing the presence of love.

It is interesting that Selasi is able to go into the “heart” of cars, (note the red car parts between 1:48 and 2:04) in order to repair them, yet he seems incapable of mending the heart of his girlfriend, who is contemplating leaving him. Obviously, Selasi is feeling quite blue that they are having their “ups and downs” ( hence the blue uniform and gloves).

The love Selasi has for his girl is so heart wrenching- the viewers can feel his pain starting at 1:45 in the video. However, Selasi is making it clear that he probably won’t take his girl back if she “says that’s its over” because he doesn’t want the girl to “ come back crying on my(his) shoulder… they say all good things must come to an end, so girl I’m done.”Towards the end of the song, even Selasi’s friends are advising him to get rid of the girl, and their love for him is symbolized via their red soccer uniforms.

Toothpicks are used to carefully pick food up and down, and just like the toothpick that is clearly shown in his mouth, his relationship encountered several ups and downs. However, it seems that Selasi is ready to acknowledge the end of a relationship, if that’s what his girlfriend proposes to him.
Do the viewers really know what happens at the end of the day? Does Selasi stay with the girl or do they part ways like the birds departing the electrical wires? Will Selasi leave his highly wired relationship the way the birds leave their high wire at the end of the video? It is not really clear. Let us hope that Selasi will follow up this video with another one that answers all of the yet unanswered questions.



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