11 Aug

AUGUST 2013:

elikem pic

ELIKEM , who is representing Ghana, has won Head of Household, meaning that he is now officially in the FINALs for Big Brother Africa.THIS IS A BIG DEAL because he is the only Ghanaian to make it to finals. In the past , BBA has had other Ghanaian contestants, like Eazzy and Ketia, and Selly, but Elikem is working hard to win this game, and whatever tricks and games he is playing on the houseguests seems to be working.

Elikem, a tailor in Ghana, has made outfits for many Ghanaians, and Ama K seems to adore his designs alot. His attention to detail and custom fit apparel is what makes his fashion stand out from others. Elikem winning BBA will be a great thing for the country of Ghana and the world of fashion. Let’s see how he does on Big Brother!

See some of his fashions here: http://ghanafashion.wordpress.com/2011/12/30/guy-2/


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