2013 – A Year in Review

18 Jan

The year 2013 has finally ended, Thank you. Now we are in 2014, YAYYY.

So,, what did you think of Ghana music in the year 2013? A OT happened with GHANA music in 2013.. some good and some bad, let me go over some of the trends I noticed.

WOMEN: Ghana does not have many female artists, why is that? Is it because its hard to get into the business, the men who control it are demanding and abusive (Im making assumption), why doesn’t Ghana have many female artists. As far as Im concerned Ghana has: MZBel, Eazzy, efya, RnM, FellyGH, Noella, Lousika, Itz Tiffany, one to 2 Gospel singers like H. Borngreat, and that’s it.Why?  This is a topic that needs to be addressed.

I wrote a GREAT aper about GH music but Im waiting for it to be published so I wont talk too much about it, but its about GH women in music.


SARKODIE: Does Sarkodie sleep? Oh boy, this guy released toooo many songs last year..he releases so many songs that I can not keep track of how many songs he has released… its too much.When music is in you , I guess you have to let it out.2013 witnessed his Sarkology concert and that was a success, so 2013 was a good year for him,it was also the year of the release of his SARK clothing line. 2013 was busy for Sarkodie. I like Sarkodie, Ive met him a few times, always a nice guy.

GHANA MUSIC AWARDS: a hot mess. SOOO many people who should have been nominated were not….Mr Lapaz Toyota thought he should have been nominated, forgetting that his song was not released in the eligible year..Ghana Music awards 2013,, the best things about this awards show was Manifest and the surprise appearance of Kontihene.. that was such a TREAT. But Ghana Music awards– really– the nominations were tainted,, people won who should not have won– half of the songs I had never even heard of. Lets stop corruption in Ghana music and make it real… we have enough corruption in other places.

5Five: 2013 was the year when 5Five’s GARGANTUAN BODY video was banned on GH tv..Nonsense.. do you know how many WORSE videos have come out since then? Ghana tv, if you are going to ban videos, be consistent, and do not choose and pick..yes the video was a bit extreme, but how is it worse then other videos where girls are barely dressed and shaking like a Polaroid picture?? Help me understand the difference?

MUSIC VIDEOS: one of the best music videos from 2013 was IM IN LOVE WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND. that was like a movie video. It was LOVELY.. Jayso and his team showed people how things get done. Possigee THIS IS WHO I AM  video was also one of the best videos of 2013, hands down. RnM video ECHO  with Trigmatic was the best public service announcement video, showing the results of domestic abuse. This video also deserves recognition.

ENDORSEMENTS: Noella got an endorsement by PEPSI. The singer of MAKE ME DANCE will be making the continent dance with her PEPSI endorsement. It is a great thing for Ghana, West Africa, and the continent as a whole.

BREAK UPS: VIP has supposedly broken up. I say supposedly because what is VIP without Promzzy, Prodigal and Zeal (formerly known as Lazzy). In 2013 they all released their own singles– Prodigal had DJs, Zeal had his Human Gyata, and Promzzyy had Have Fun..Sometimes people just want to break off and write their own stuff..whats wrong with that?? Let these guys write their own stuff and have their unique sounds out there in the world. But I do believe they will come back together— why wouldn’t they?

New GIRL on the Block: Lynx Entertainment introduced FELLY GH, shes like a rapper. I don’t know how she would describe herself, but shes quite gorgeous and the video was kind of cool. Im sure we will hear more from her in 2014.

Speaking of Lynnx entertainment, Richie Mensah showed the whole world that not only does he have the world’s longest OHHHHHHSSSS (check out THIS IS LOVE video), but he can also reallllyyy shake it ( check out EVERY MORNING video– the end).

GROUPS doing their thing: Team GLR, KGPM, and others, Of course that includes 4×4,5Five, Bradez, BukBak, RnM, and others.

SONG TITLES: In 2013, Ghanaian managers got lazy and didn’t do their research right. How can two Ghanaians have the SAME song title? its nuts, especially when it happens in the same year….people people people, if you are going to NAME a song, give it an ORIGINAL NAME!!! Artistss who have songs with the same name:

ItzTiffany and D Black: Carry Go

Iwan and Kwabena Kwabena: Adult Music

VIP and Iyanya(Nigerian) : Away

and there are more… be careful when you name your songs.

EDEM: Only the good Lord knows how many videos Edem released. I like Edem, juts like I like Trigmatic, because they work on their own pace anddo what they want to do.

Edem had a video with Kaakie, Stonebwoy, Kemenya, songs with Eazzy, Lil Shaker, Bessa, E.L, and TRIGMATIC AND X.O SENAVOE . Edem had a VERRRYYY Busy 2013 for sure.

KAKIE: she had a good year.She won her Ghana Music Award for TOO MUCH (a GREAT song), she went on tour, and she performed at Big Brother Africa, Go Kaakie.

BET AWARDS: R2Bees got nominated for the BET Awards.

ACCIDENTS: Yaw Siki was involved in a very seriousss car accident. Luckily he survived. Thank God for that.

DEATHS: In 2013, we lost Lyrikal from IKONZ; Ronnie Coaches from BukBak died, Nana Wusu (hiplife) ,Dr Paa Bobo (highlife), and Im sure I may have missed one or two.So sad.

ATUMPAN: This guy is still working it..I feel like people don’t pay attention to Atumpan, but Ido because this guy makes a different kind of music, and I think he needs to be paid attention to. THE THING was a HIT, MAD BAD is AWESOME, CLAP is awesome,  and so are his other songs. He is a diamond waiting to be discovered by bigger men.

MIXMASTAGARZY: This guy also doesn’t sleep because he made so many songs in 2013. he produced a good chunk of the songs made in 2013, so shout out to Mixmasta garzy for repping TEMA.

FUSEODG: He finally got the recognition he deserved for ANTENNAE, appearing on BBC and winning his Ghana Music Award. He is a classy guy and he represents well for Ghana regardless of where he is.

POSSIGEE STUDIOS: If you are an artist and you haven’t been to Possigees MOB studios, what are you waiting for? Shout out to Possigee, because I met Killbeatz and FuseODG,Stay J,  MixMastaGarzy, Atumpan, Kweku from IKONZ, all in one day at Possigee’s. MOB Studios– that’s where things happen, its that simple. Possigee also produced many songs in 2013 as well.

New Guys: NINO, Moxkito, RobbyMusic… they are working their magic, whether or not you are paying attention, so I encourage you to pay attention.

RAQUEL: She too had a busy year.yes some of her outfts were a bit risqué at times, but hey she was working it, Leave her alone and let her do her thing. If she could not sing, it would be something else. but she is capable of singing, so lets see what she brings us in 2014. She was definitely busy in 2013 with Yes or No, songs with Prodigal, Okyeame Kwame, sarkodie, etc etc. Go Raquel.

EFYA: another female artist who rocked 2013.

VIDEOS: Some of the GH artists had videos recorded inJapan, South Africa, London, Canada,and Ghana, It is good, it means that artists are getting visas from the embassies… its true 🙂

Overall, Gh Music was exciting in 2013, We have an array of music and there is room for more, we need more love songs if you want my opinion. The Azonto, I think will be coming to an end soon, I think, because someone will create something new. More artists, like Iwan are finding their inspiration from the actual conditions of Ghana. I think in 2014, Ghana music will spread even more and become even more international. Lets see what is in store in 2014.


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