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GHANA MUSIC AWARDS -not worth discussing

19 Mar

Greetings, I bet all million of you were just dying for a new post, I know I know. I have a very busy life believe it or not, more busier than you could even imagine.
Many of you have asked me why I don’t talk about Ghana music awards for the year 2014.. and my response to that is ” why should I?”
So many artists who should have been nominated were NOT and its 1) sad 2) disgraceful 3) discouraging to Ghanaian artists, therefore why should I waste my fingers typing about it.

I asked artists to send me the facts, did they or did they not submit their songs– you can not say youre upset with something of you do not have facts.. you always need facts. These are my facts:
1.Noella submitted her songs- no nomination
2. Stay j submitted his songs- no nomination
3. RnM submitted their songs– no nominations
4. Felly did NOt submit songs
5. Possigee submitted This is Who I am– no nomination

HOW?? and where is Jaysos Im in love with your girlfriend? And where is Kae Se by Tiffany? So manyyy mannyy people got kicked to the curb.It actually makes me want to cry because its sooo disheartening….where is Edem and Stonebuoy??

I mean the list goes on and on and on and on…. why should Ghanaians make music when their own people wont even acknowledge them.Wel,, Charterhouse is half Nigerians I have heard, so its not realy “our people”… but my point is this, artists who deserve to be nominated are not…and artists NO ONE has heard have been nominated… how??
People say people are being bribed.. I do not know that for sure so I can not comment on it.What I Do know is that RNM should have been nominated, possogee should have been nominated, Noella should have been nominated, and more. Beest new artists, Ghana had sooo many new male artists,, where is photprints? why isn’t efya in some of the categories? Where is Raquel? Where is 4×4? I will reain quiet and say nothing because Im not going to waste my breat on an injustice.Until I have more FACTS ill remain quiet..i have 5 facts, please feel free to send me more.