4 Jul



During the past few months, Africa has been in the news for several reasons, some good and some bad. The kidnapping of the girls in Nigeria and the death of Nelson Mandela has gained attention around the world. The World Cup has also brought a spotlight onto Africa, due to five African countries qualifying for the cup:  Algeria, Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and Cameroon.

Africa has always been an important continent, known for its gold, diamonds, timber, bauxite, and oil.  While outsiders may view Africa as an inferior place due to their lack of knowledge, those who truly know what Africa contains value its worth.

Multichoice Africa, with the help of Channel O, has launched the “Africa Rising” movement.  Africa is on the rise, and nothing can stop it. Africa is a beautiful continent and the “Africa Rising “ movement is reminding the world what Africa has, and what Africa can become. The release of the “Africa Rising” video is inspiring because it represents an Africa that is rising, and it represents a positive glimpse into the possibilities.

Africans are taking control of their image and creating media that is lacking, not only for other Africans, but for people around the world. Sheezy, an African producer, produced the song “Africa Rising”, which features Sarkodie (Ghana),  Diamond Platnumz (Tanzania), Tiwa Savage (Nigeria), Lola Rae (Ghanaian/British/Nigeria),  Mi Casa (South Africa) , and Davido (Nigeria).

The beat of the song reflects the vibrant heartbeat of Africa. The beat really shakes the soul and is undeniably y African. The great thing about the “Africa Rising” song  is that it represents different artists from different African countries, but yet their common thread- their love and belief in their continent Africa- binds them. Regardless of the various flags that represent the multitude of African countries, “Africa Rising” is a song that unites Africa.

The song “Africa Rising” and the accompanying video is breathtaking because it shows the essence of Africa. The video shows the beautiful African people, landmarks, beaches, homes, cars, fashion, and more. “Let the world come and taste this beautiful land” is a common line which is intertwined within the inspirational song.  The video reinstills the fact that Africans should be proud of the variables which create their environment  – the people,  the culture, the music, the dances, the language, and the fashion.

The video does more than encourage people to love Africa, it also proves that Africans cannot and should not  be stereotyped. Africans come in all shapes and sizes, as represented by the various artists who participated in the video. The beauty of the African people is just as unique as the continent of Africa.

The video “Africa Rising” , filmed by Callback Dreams, opens up with a beautiful  scene of an African beach and town .  Before the song even begins, the cars, the people, and their activities are creating their own unique beat and rhythm. Then a beautiful woman, wearing a kente shirt, put on her green headphones and starts listening to “Africa Rising”. Her earphones are green, representing a color which can be found in several African flags.  The color green also represents land, the beautiful African land.  Standing on the street, with running kids behind her, the nameless woman starts listening to the music and it gets her stirred up.  The video shows scenes of cars passing by, men chatting with each other,  and fishermen out at sea. A young man stands at a corner, with an African country’s flag, flying on his back, to represent the country of the singer who is about to appear in the video. Whether the featured artist is Nigerian, Ghanaian, Tanzanian, or South African, the nameless man always stands opposite of the James Town lighthouse, to represent the country, serving as a symbol of unity.

As Davido and Mi Casa sing about the greatness of Africa, the nameless girl with the headphones walks throughout her town, showcasing the beauty of her neighborhood, town, country, and continent. The girl is enjoying the beat coming through her headphones, but in actuality it is the beat of the people, the beat of the culture all around her, that is making her so happy. Davido mentions great leaders like Kwame Nkrumah and Nelson Mandela and mentions that Africans should unite and give each other a chance. Mi Casa reminds listeners that “ the whole world is looking at us because our land is honey, all the future money”. Sarkodie encourages Africans to stand up and admire the beauty of the continent. Tiwa reinforces the fact that Africa is worth loving, and is rising. Diamond sings about Africa so passionately, and Lola encourages Africa to unite, from the east, to the west, to the north, and the south, because after all, “we are one Africa”.

Not only are the African singers singing about loving Africa, while in Africa, they are also outfitted in African fashion. The video reinforces the fact that Africa is nothing to be ashamed of. If anything, people should show it off in every way possible. The scenery contained within the video, is just as diverse as the singers featured in the video ,  and the countries they represent.

“Africa Rising” is a beautiful song not just for Africa, but the world.  The song has no limits in terms of where it can be played and how far it can reach. Africa is a gem, a precious gem, and this song and video simply serve as a reminder to the rest of the world


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