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10 Jan



By: Afromusion

The beautiful and lovely Nigerian songstress Tiwa Savage recently released the official video for her song , “My Darlin’”.  The song was produced by Don Jazzy (Mavin Records) and Baby Fresh. The video was directed by Kemi Adetiba, a female video director, who has also directed videos for Banky W, Wizkid, Waje, and more.

The “My Darlin’” video opens up with a scene in a bedroom  where many women are preparing for a feast.It appears the women are preparing for a wedding, some are already dressed , some are getting dressed and some are getting their makeup applied.  There is one lady who has a full team applying her makeup and nail polish in one room- she is preparing for a special occasion. In another room, an elderly woman dressed traditionally is greeted by the women in the room, and then the lady who was in the other room, greets the elderly woman. By listening to the conversation between the elderly woman and the beautifully dressed woman, it is apparent that the young woman is preparing for her wedding, and the young woman is the elderly woman’s daughter. There is a bit of comedy interlaced in the dialogue, as the mother prays for her daughter , stating “ they will spend money on  you and you will give me part of it ” . The mother even states that they will dance “Skelewu”, and “Azonto”. The mother also makes reference to how beautiful she was during her youth.

In the next scene, we see exactly how beautiful she was , as the music starts and the viewers are taken through the life of that woman. The role of the mother in her youth is played by Tiwa Savage. At the  two minute mark, we see Tiwa sitting at a party with two of her friends, laughing and having a good time, before she catches a glimpse of a very handsome man walking into the room. The place is packed , but she is able to see him and he is able to see her, as the song is going through the motion with the words, ” Baby you’re too much ooo..ooh baby I love you.. I go do anything for you”. As the man approaches Tiwa, she can be seen preparing herself, trying to calm down her nerves. At this point in the video, there are two scenes, there is the live active scene, showing the viewers how Tiwa and her man met, but there is also the constant thread, what I will refer to as the narrator, which is Tiwa singing in a garden wearing a stunning yet simple white dress.

As Tiwa dances with the handsome man,  it is evident that she is mesmerized by the touch and feel of the man as they dance. The chemistry is evident and the song adds to it, as he spins her around, and they seem to forget that anyone else is in the room. At the end of the dance, they sneak off and  continue adoring each other in front of a fountain. While the man is admiring Tiwa, he places a flower in her hair. This flower may not seem significant in the beginning, but it is, and it remains a constant staple throughout the video. The man places the flower in her hair , and right before he is about to kiss Tiwa, she stops him and places the flower back in his hand, and walks off.

In the next scene, the guy is seen throwing a rock at her window in order to get her attention .  You can see the rock throwing has worked when you catch a glimpse of her hand, and it is at that moment that he beckons her to come downstairs to him. Tiwa runs outside, obviously very happy to see him. He picks her up, there is so much joy, and the guy is anxious to see her. When they meet, the guy takes the same flower out of his pocket, and confidently places it in her hair, and Tiwa gladly accepts it. At this moment in time, the flower represents love, whole pure undying love. Tiwa, the narrator is still singing about love, and the way she is moving and singing makes you ,the viewer , wish you could find love and feel love the way she is feeling it. No props, no flashy background are needed in the video. The pure emotion of love is what drives this video. The more one watches the video , the more one can feel the love within,  it’s a pure song, that evokes pure emotion.

In the next scene, Tiwa and her man, appear to be husband and wife. The man wants to surprise his wife ,so Tiwa has her eyes closed. When she opens her eyes, she is amazed by the house , their house, her husband has brought her to. This man is crazy in love with her, and she too is madly in love with him. It is at this moment that he seems to whisper  ” I love you” to her, and then the viewers see Tiwa the narrator again, singing “ Baby you’re too much ohh”.  The man just bought her a house—yes, baby, he is too much oohh!! It is at this moment that Tiwa the narrator and Tiwa the bride are seen wearing the same dress—the beautiful white wedding dress. This is when the two worlds collide. Tiwa is soo happy, she is in love, this IS her darling, she is spinning around in pure joy. She is barefoot in the garden, because she can not contain her love for her man!  Hat garden represents love, the flowers represent love. Her facial expression, the way she moves in the garden, reflect the love , the pure love, she is feeling.

In the next scene, Tiwa and her husband are looking adoringly at their baby. It is clear that her husband is in the military and is about to be deployed. Tiwa is there, with a new baby and she is obviously very sad. As her husband walks out of the room, Tiwa  grabs his hand , calling him back to her. She takes that flower out of her hair, and gives it to her husband, for him to take with him, wherever he may be going. The same flower he placed in her hair twice, is the same flower she is now giving to him.

This flower pin symbolizes so many things. The first time the viewer saw the flower pin, it symbolized his love for her, but she was not quite ready to receive it.The second time the flower pin appeared, the man was putting it in Tiwa’s hair, and she kept it there for good, because she was accepting his love. The third time we see the flower pin is when Tiwa and her hubby are in the nursery. During the third moment, it was not obvious that she had the pin, until she  reached for her husband’s hand. At this moment,  this is the very first time that the husband is receiving the flower pin from her, as a token of her love towards him. In this third instance, the flower pin still symbolizes love, but at this moment, the love has grown deeper and stronger. The flower pin symbolizes the love they have for each other and Tiwa wants him to feel and see his love while he is deployed. Time and distance may separate them, but the love they have for each other remains, and that flower pin is a reminder of her love for him.

In the next scene, the music is simply music, void of any lyrics. The video goes through a time series, where the viewer sees Tiwa receiving letters from her husband. Tiwa is overwhelmed by the letters she receives from her husband, and treasures every knock on her door, because she knows it means a new letter has arrived. During the third knocking at the door, Tiwa can be seen running to the door, as she expects another love letter from her husband. The lyric-less music is still playing..and then it stops.

The music stops, at the moment Tiwa’s heart beat seems to stop. Her heartbeat stops when she sees two soldiers at her door. The only audible sound is a deep heavy sigh.

This is the moment when as a viewer, one may cry. This is the moment when the viewer wonders if the love song is now a memorial song for a dead husband. The words to the song restart and Tiwa is seen falling onto the floor, in disbelief that her husband may be dead, after soldiers appeared at her door shaking their heads  as a sign that they had bad news to give. At this very moment, the video goes back to the scene of the elderly woman, who is seen shaking her head. The video brings us back from the past, but it still toggles between the past and the present. While the young Tiwa is sitting on the floor crying, we see footsteps approaching her , and the viewer may assume it is the soldiers who came to bring her bad news. Instead, a man dressed in bandages is seen comforting her, while she is still on the floor. It is a bit unclear who the badly injured man is, until we see him place a flower in Tiwa’s hair—it is her HUSBAND! He did NOT DIE!!!  He is badly injured, and even a bit bloody, but the one item that remained pure , was his love, their love. He is still carrying the pure white flower, which has remained unharmed, and he places it in Tiwa’s hair, on the right side. The love remains and she is ready to give him “Doro” love ( a great reference to the song Dorobucci).

What a beautiful video!! What a beautiful song !!

Once he places the flower in her hair, the video goes back to the present, showing the elderly Tiwa with her daughter, preparing her for her marriage. Tiwa is so proud of her daughter, but more importantly she still feels the love from her husband. The love , the pure love, she felt from her husband will always be with her, deep within her soul, and that is a memory she will always carry with her. He will always be her darling.