Hello World.

I don’t think African music is getting the attention and coverage it needs and deserves, therefore I have taken it on. Like they always say, if you don’t like the way something is being a done, fix it. So many African musicians are doing wonderful things, and 99% of the time, no one would ever know about it because you would never see an article on it.You would never see an article on their humanitarian efforts, their concerts, or even an article about them, as individuals. So I decided to fill the gap because I love African music and Im sure there are millions of people who do too! My work can be seen worldwide via online sites such as http://www.ghanaweb.com , http://www.highlife.com, http://www.modernghana.com, http://www.ghanamusic.com, http://www.omgghana.com , www,ghanamotion.com, http://news1.ghananation.com,www.sankofaradio.com,www.afrikanpost.com, and other notable sites. I also write for Afrikan Post and occasionally DJ. I have personally conducted in-depth interviews with some of West Africa’s finest musicians–Obour,Sarkodie,Ikonz,Stay Jay, VIP, to name a few. You can also catch me on PlanetRadioTV (South Africa).

A new thing I started doing,twitterviewing, is quite innovative and exciting.Stay J granted the first twiiterview, and Edem soon followed.Stay tuned via twitter for more Twiiterinterviews:)(Check out the interview with Kwabena Kwabena:) )

This site is designed to connect Africans all over the world to their favorite African entertainers and fashion designers,and inform Africans all over the world with the out-of-Africa experiences of their favorite entertainers,while keeping them in touch with fashion and African news in general

CONTACT ME: Contact me at afromusion@hotmail.com or just leave a comment under any interview /story. It will come to my box as a private message,dont worry, it wont get posted on the site.Thanks:)



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