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28 Feb


Jude Okeke AKA EINDO MONEY BUCKS Takes the South African music industry by storm with his music.

The last Son of Chief S. N Okeke and Chief Mrs Ngozi Okeke of Enugu State in Nigeria has redefined the term “hustle”.

Finally, foreign nationals in South Africa can proudly boast to have one of their own making massive waves in the South Africa entertainment industry.

Money Bucks, popularly known as Eindo, has gotten the entire Nation screaming his name, from the dusty streets of Soweto to the corridors of the union building stretching to the neighboring countries such as Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, and Lesotho to Swaziland, with his classic singles such as “Try a Big Boy” and “Sexy” . “Sexy” features two of South Africa’s prominent acts – Veezo (who hails from Botswana) and Shag (who is from Maf town In South Africa).

These two songs are on high rotation on Channel O and PRTV, Africa`s first Radio TV show, just to mention a few.

Eindo Money Bucks has successfully built his own record label, Creative Media Group (CMG), which comprises of a recording studio, a clothing Line called Voodoo Denim Couture (VDC), and a chroma key Studio situated in the hub
of entertainment in Johannesburg on 75 3rd Avenue Melville.

The CMG clique comprises of artists such as Big Fish, Justin Maw and 9Millz who are all currently working on their individual projects.

A leader and a self-motivated mogul , he is clearly aware of today’s ever changing music business. His music Influence
comes from his long road to riches and his ever persistent quest to change the lives of everybody under the recording label.

Eindo is also a philanthropist by nature who’s charitable deeds go beyond touching the lives of those around him, to the less fortunate on the streets of Africa.

Eindo’s music is a reflection of life, in which he sings about all the glitz and glamour of life, the ups and downs ,the good and the bad, and the importance of persevering and persisting to achieve your purpose in life.

His debut album , From System to System, is due for release in 2013.

He is currently working on collaborations with major acts from all over the globe.

He is currently managed by Turas Turise, who is currently the Good Morning Africa anchor, which airs everyday on DSTV Channel 154, and also the host of Check-In Time on PRTV.

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